How Office Design Impacts Productivity

It doesn’t matter what your role at work is: when you’re in the office, you’re there to get things done. But if you’re finding that members of your team are struggling to focus or aren’t able to produce consistent, high quality work, there may be a simple explanation.

The design, layout and feel of your office can have a significant impact on employees’ productivity, not to mention their overall happiness at work. In this article, we’re taking a look at the how and why. From the positioning of your furniture to the colour on the walls, let’s examine just how office design can affect productivity.


When designing an office space, there’s much more to it than aesthetics; the layout has to make sense too. First, it’s important to consider noise and the impact this can have on different teams.

For example, your sales team will likely be making phone calls all day long to potential (and existing) customers. By contrast, your accounting department will require peace and quiet to focus intently on what they’re doing. These two departments should be situated with this in mind, minimising distractions for those that need to focus.

Likewise, it’s a good idea to consider which teams are most likely to collaborate with one another. By placing them near each other, you’ll save them time and make their working lives easier (and more enjoyable).


Nobody likes feeling cramped and boxed in while they’re at work. If your team is placed really close together, noise pollution is more likely to become an issue – as is privacy. All of this impacts productivity, but you don’t always need to rent a larger office to deal with the issue.

There are so many clever tricks of the trade that allow office designers to really make the most of a space. From multi-purpose furniture to portable meeting pods and dividers, it’s easier than you might think to give your team a little extra space (or the feeling of extra space, at least).


Last but by no means least, the look and feel of an office can make all the difference. Critically, a person’s surroundings can really impact their happiness and wellbeing, which in turn has a noticeable impact on productivity. By simply adding a splash of colour to your office, introducing some indoor plants and perhaps some more comfortable chairs, your team is likely to be much more comfortable and happy at work – and more productive too.

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