Three office interior design trends to watch out for

The workplace has gone through more change than it’s usually accustomed to over the past couple of years. Many businesses were already beginning to adopt hybrid and flexible working arrangements before Covid-19 arrived and forced the issue, leaving thousands of offices vacant for months at a time.

Now, with pandemic restrictions behind us, the landscape is shifting once again. Many of us are returning to a new kind of office – one which seeks to meld the best aspects of conventional offices with those of home working. Here are three key trends we’re noticing that sum up how the workplace is evolving.

Adaptable environments

As we touched on above, less of us now spend the 9-5 in an office. Home offices have become the norm, with many companies adopting a hybrid part-home, part-office working arrangement. This means that, increasingly, modern offices are being designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Think lightweight, easily movable furniture that can be shifted around from one day to the next.

New ways of working

Going hand-in-hand with the previous point is the emergence of fresh new working practices and approaches. Traditionally, employees would spend their shifts at their desk and leave from time to time for pre-arranged meetings in a dedicated conference room – but times are changing.

Keen to foster collaboration and idea sharing, businesses are increasingly specifying ad-hoc meeting furniture. At Plann:d, we’ve supplied a number of nifty two-in-one storage units, which have a padded seat on top. Space-efficient and easy to move around the office, these products are perfect for impromptu meetings.

A connection to nature

Living through the pandemic brought many of us closer to nature. When all indoor attractions shut up shop, exploring the great outdoors became the default weekend activity (provided the weather held up)! Many businesses are keen to try and preserve this new-found connection to nature in their office, embracing natural lighting, indoor plants and eco-friendly features (like better insulation and windows and cleaner power sources).

Here to bring your vision to life

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