Have your cake…      and eat it 

Functional, affordable and durable dining solutions.

Lightweight, flexible and durable


The folding table is a well-known and well-loved staple of many schools, churches, village halls and community centres. Light to carry and easy to store, there is no wonder these versatile tables are used by schools across the country. 

Coupled with a trolley or transport caddie, transport and storage is even easier. 


Stackable chairs make for simple storage. 

We’ve been stacking chairs in schools since the dawn of time. Designs have come along, materials improved and the range of colours available these days is far more impressive than it used to be! Modern versions are lightweight, highly durable and much more comfortable… good news for students and parents all round.

We offer a range of stackable chair solutions for a variety of budgets. 


From stationary to mobile in a matter of minutes.

With a choice of over 40 different laminate table top colours and 10 different stool colour options, these mobile folding seating units can be set up by a single operator. They really are the dining solution for the modern era. 

While chairs are attached, they’re easily removable for wheelchair users. The simple foldaway design also means storage trolleys are a thing of the past. 

If you’re doubling up on teaching and dining space – this is the ideal time-saving solution.