Functional office spaces for a changing world

No job is too big, no office too small. We’ve got space planning, office design and configuration down to a fine art 

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From training and brainstorming to private conference calls and executive meetings. 


To plan the big stuff, we need to get to know the small stuff: how you work, what you need more of, what you’d like less of, business culture and company values… we leave no stone unturned. 

Consultative partnership

Forward - thinking

Tailored solutions

Finishing touches


From space challenges to growth ambitions, company culture and office plants – we cover it all. No detail is too small. 


Functional areas with socially distanced spaces, somewhere to brainstorm and somewhere to conference call. We design environments that people want to work in. 


Incorporating both style and practicality, together we source the best solutions for your needs, budget and preferences. 


Keeping out of your hair and managing the logistics, we leave you to get on with your day job while we get on with ours. 

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