Secondary School Refurbishment

Creating spaces for young people to grow.

How surroundings affect learning


Research shows that learning environments play a key role in student success. From seating to light and noise to colour, all of these factors play an important part in determining the motivation, engagement and overall learning ability of the pupils.

While spaces need to inspire, they also need to be functional, safe and robust.

We help to create spaces that encourage learning, keep pupils engaged and excited while ticking the practicality boxes too.


The library plays a vital role in ‘out of classroom’ learning.


Encouraging children to develop their independence and engage in learning outside of the classroom has always been important. They learn new skills, have different experiences and collaborate with their classmates while also learning independently.

It’s not just about the books.

A modern library gives safe access to computers, internet and printing facilities. It’s a space that inspires creativity, somewhere where students can share experiences, learn how to research, self-evaluate and debate.


Who says spaces can’t multi-task? 

Let’s face it, space is at a premium in most schools. If you’re not lucky enough to have a dedicated dining area, then the school hall is often the next best thing.

What about storage? And the time taken to set up and pack away?

Table seating units not only seat more students in a more efficient way, but the attached seats eliminate the noise of chairs moving and banging together.

The units fold and roll easily meaning there’s no more need for trolleys and a lengthy pack away process.

You really can have your cake and eat it…


Improve concentration by reducing visual and audible distractions. 

There’s a time for collaboration and a time for solitude. While libraries and common rooms are great spaces to learn in a more relaxed way, everyone needs a bit of peace and quiet for concentrated work occasionally.

StudyHubs and Pods provide students with a dedicated and private space – free from distractions.