To read or not to read… 

Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. 

Versatile shelving for all tastes, and needs.

From study corners to libraries and even common rooms, shelving not only offers a space for engaging displays and storage, but can be cleverly designed to create quiet zones, break out areas and even study hubs.

We work with schools and colleges to help make the most of their library spaces by incorporating, among other things, flexible, durable and robust shelving solutions.


Keeping it quiet with acoustic library products.  

Distractions are often the greatest interruption to study and learning. Incorporating eye catching or minimalist acoustic solutions into your library and study spaces, not only makes an impact, but creates a more calming space to work. We can provide everything from single screens to colourful panels in a myriad of shapes and sizes.


Even the practical can make a statement.


Counters can be used to create a central focal point or to help create clear sections. 

With a huge range of shapes, styles and colours available, the options for how you choose to incorporate a counter into any given space are endless. 

Before you look to replace your library furniture, let us look at how you can best utilise the space for your available budget. 


Modern thinking for a modern world.


We live in a digital age. From laptops to phones, iPads to cameras, the demand for charging points for students’ devices is on the rise. Adding power points to library and study layouts helps students to stay connected when they most need to. 

If you’re looking at furniture layout and future room use, let’s discuss how best to incorporate ‘plug and play’ power and charging to your existing spaces.


Study and IT furniture for all. 


Single desks, group areas, private study pods… the opportunities are endless.

The important thing is to ensure that your multi-use spaces are fit for purpose and functional for all needs and uses.

Depending on your needs and budget, there’s a solution to fit all requirements.