When a trusted partner is the key to success…

Rapid expansion causes a host of business issues – not least of which is finding suitable office space.


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The Need

Trying to move into new office premises, which need a complete overhaul, is a difficult task on its own. Trying to manage this while also continuing to run a very busy, growing business is even harder. Circle Waste needed a partner that would not only take away the headache of planning and managing the project, but one whose judgement they trusted implicitly and whom they knew could deliver on a tough design brief.

The Solution

There were a number of aspects to this project which all required thought and attention. The space needed significant planning. The building itself was not particularly pretty to look at with pillars, glass and a mezzanine floor all contributing to the space challenges. Circle Waste wanted a space that was dynamic and fun allowing for collaborative work and break out areas in addition to the more traditional office desking. Seating was one of the single most important parts of the brief. They wanted something that was ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, affordable and would work with the furniture they already had. In addition to introducing a vibrant touch of colour in the seat back mesh, we also created different breakout zones for collaboration, focus and brainstorming. A board room created the perfect space for training new starters while an awkward built in bar at one end became another break out meeting area.  

The Benefit

Circle Waste has an office which perfectly reflects the fun and friendly values the business aims to deliver. Staff are happy and motivated and enjoy coming to work. By bringing the Plann:d team in so early on in the process, Circle Waste were able to get everything they wanted from the brief as we were able to work with the builders to create the space and zones required.

Circle Waste prides themselves on being the UK’s Friendliest Waste Management company. Their dedication to delivering proactive solutions to their clients has meant that the business has been on a rapid growth trajectory for the last 5 years.

When they leased their new premises – a former car showroom in Tottenhill back in 2018 – they knew they were going to need some assistance in delivering the friendly, fun and funky environment which is synonymous with their brand and values. That’s when they reached out to the Plann:d team.

Having a dynamic and vibrant office for our staff to work in is a must. We have a young workforce and, with recruitment in more rural areas being quite difficult, we have to offer a work environment that feels fun, fresh and like somewhere you want to spend time in

The space was an old car show room. This is great for open space and natural light but it meant that it needed some considerable space planning. That’s why we brought the Plann:d team in very early on in the process.

We had worked with Nicola before and her eye for design and detail is exceptional. I knew I could trust her team to manage the details of the office plan and layout while we continued to get on with running the business. And I wasn’t disappointed. Richard has shown us that Plann:d really is the partner we needed.

I am delighted with how the space has worked out. It certainly ticks all of the boxes. The attention to detail in terms of furniture choice colours and use of space is very clever. They’ve done it again – delivered exactly what we wanted.

Circle Waste had a very clear brief. Their new, open plan space needed to be fit for purpose. This meant it not only needed to be a space people could sit at a desk and work from, but it needed to be a space that encouraged collaboration. It needed to balance more traditional seating with breakout areas for meetings – or to just simply have fun.

Despite being a car showroom previosuly, the space brought with it some interesting challenges. There was a lot of glass, pillars and a mezzanine floor which all needed to be considered as part of the workspace plan.

To ensure that what we wanted to achieve was possible, we brought a builder in to look at the space with us. We were looking to move some walls, add some loos and make the space a more practical environment that delivered the “wow factor”.

With seating being one of the most important parts of the brief, we looked for a solution which would work with the furniture they already had while still delivering the all important ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and affordable factors to boot.

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